What is The How to Trade Weekly Options for Weekly Income Book?

How to Trade Weekly Options for Weekly Income will show you just how simple and effective a few strategies can be. And once you have it hand, you’ll immediately have access to:

  • A full rundown of what options are, how they work, and why they’re such a powerful investment vehicle (pages 5-12)
  • A unique investment strategy that allows you to pocket lump sums of cash on a weekly basis to add to your income regularly (pages 13-20)
  • A powerful strategy you can use to get paid to buy stocks (pages 21-30)
  • How to identify the best targets for the biggest potential payouts (pages 31-40)
  • 5 rules every options trader should know to maximize success (page 45)
  • How to turn average market returns into exceptional results (page 51)
  • Why options can create life-changing results and life-changing wealth (page 65)

And that’s just an idea of what you’ll receive!

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