What is the Fusion System?

The Fusion System could help you take your option experience, knowledge, and success to the next level.You’ll learn how to trade credit spreads for weekly income. Here are some details this incredible book includes

  • Page 3: Five things you MUST know about options before even placing your first trade.
  • Page 20: We’ll show you the five critical “ingredients” that the Fusion System is based on and how they could help you pocket cash on the regular.
  • Page 25: You’ll see real-life examples of the Fusion System in action. This will help you better understand exactly how the system works and how to use it for yourself.
  • Page 35: We cover several fundamentals that every option trader (novice or expert) needs to keep in mind in order to execute successful options trades.
  • Page 41: Six things you NEED to know when pricing options. This is a critical list that all successful option investors should know by heart.

You could magnify your income in a very short time using just a handful of simple, easy-to-execute strategies.

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