What's included in my Swing Trading Mastery subscription?

Here’s What You’ll Receive: 

5-part video series on swing trading that spans 2.5 hours of video instruction from Andrew Packer. You might know him from the book he recently wrote, Safe, Debt-Free & Rich. Or you might have come across him throughout his two-decade career that has spanned just about every money-making method that exists: stocks, options, collectibles, real estate, crowdfunding, commodities.

VIDEO #1: What is Swing Trading?

In the first part, you’ll learn the basics of the strategy. Andrew will walk you

through what it means, how to use it, and why it works. He’ll also give you

a whole collection of real world examples so you can fully understand

exactly why the most successful traders on Earth use this strategy.

VIDEO #2: Finding Opportunities

In the second video, you’ll learn the details on how to find the best swing

trading targets in the stock market. Andrew covers a variety of different

scenarios and market conditions so you’ll have a full understanding of how, when, and why to use swing trading on certain stocks.

VIDEO #3: How to Swing Trade for the Best Profits

In the third installment, Andrew goes a step further and explains the ins and

outs of exactly what to look for in order to score max profits. He goes in-

depth on every aspect of how to rake in the biggest gains and why swing

trading lets you take advantage of these ultra-profitable situations.

VIDEO #4: Advanced Swing Trading Strategies

 Here’s where things get truly interesting. Andrew covers a variety of

advanced strategies. But don’t worry, you only use which ones you want

  1. You’re not on the hook to do anything that makes you uncomfortable.

But if you’re progressing in your trading, these strategies will help you

magnify your gains and have you truly hitting pro trader status.

VIDEO #5: Swing Trading Mastery

This is where you become a TRUE master. Once you complete this video

(and make sure you’re doing it all at your own pace), you’ll have joined the

ranks of the truly elite traders of the world. You’ll have mastered swing

trading, and you’ll completely understand why this strategy is used by the masters to pull in massive gains on a regular basis.

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