What's included in my Explosive Chart Patterns subscription?

Here's what's included:

  • Expert advisory from the notable Andrew Packer. You might know him from the book he recently wrote, Safe, Debt-Free & Rich. Or you might have come across him throughout his two-decade career that has spanned just about every money-making method that exists: stocks, options, collectibles, real estate, crowdfunding, commodities.
  • Weekly investment advisory in your inbox every Sunday morning at 10am EST
  • 5 powerful chart patterns that are primed to break out.

Here are 5 reasons Explosive Chart Patterns will quickly become your best friend:

  • Clear and Concise Recommendations

For each chart that appears in your weekly issue, we’ll give you complete front-to-back coverage. We’ll explain what patterns we see, what those patterns mean, and what actions to take.

  • How Magnify Your Short-Term Trading Success

By the very nature of investing, most of the chart patterns will be short-lived, meaning you’ll have the chance to bank gains much faster than traditional buy-and-hold investors. So not only will you have the chance to accelerate your profits, you’ll also have the chance to magnify them.

  • No Complex Computer Software Needed

At no time will you have to use any complex screeners or install any programs. Everything we include in our advisory is easily explained and executed with a few simple mouse clicks.

  • Simple. Simple. Simple.

Charts on their own might seem overwhelming… but with Explosive Chart Patterns everything is spelled out from you from start to finish. There won’t be any guesswork, and you’ll see from your very first issue just how easy successful trading can be.

  • Increase Your Income in Just Minutes Per Week

Explosive Chart Patterns gives you the chance to earn a sizable chunk of change on a regular basis. With just a few well-timed trades, you could easily add huge chunks to your current income. And if you stick with us, you could even multiply your salary many times over.  Explosive Chart Patterns will give you a bridge between book knowledge and real world experience.

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